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This year’s wonderful Christmas experience, “Mischievous”, takes place from November 22 to December 29, 2019 at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park.

This year’s magical Christmas is a magical light experience at T-Mobile Park. Sia and her family visited last year (when it was called Safeco Field) to liven up Christmas and spend a wonderful night. We didn’t know what to expect before we left, so he wanted to share some tips we learned after the visit to help him plan the best stay for his family when he leaves.

In addition to the largest maze of lights, you’ll find ice rinks, Santa pictures, shopping, food, entertainment and more at Enchant Seattle. Below I present all the details.

There are several costs to consider when planning your visit. The first is the registration fee. The best cost-benefit for your family with the Family Pass, with 20% discount for 4 families (2 adults and 2 children up to 18 years old).

We also found several discount coupons shared below. So make sure the Family Pass is not what you need. Children up to 3 years free. If you want to gather a group of people aged 15 or over, save 10% on your tickets with the promotional code Enchant Christmas, also available below.

If you want to park at T Mobile Park (which is very practical), park your car in advance. It only costs $ 12 to 18 (depending on your visit, and you can add it to your tickets.

If you want to enjoy the rink, the skate is included in the price, but you must pay for the skate. There is no limit to how long you can skate.

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The crowd had a bad night on Tuesday, but I heard that skating on weekends could be very busy. It’s a little different than skating on a normal trail, where we ride. This is a road, so there is a curve, but a beautiful landscape that you can also enjoy.

You can bring skates (and skates for free) or pay to rent skates. It looks like rents have dropped this year, so that’s good news. You can currently post online for $ 4.50 for children / skates for young people or $ 9.08 for adults ($ 10 per child last year, so I’m glad prices are dropping).

In 100 levels, there is a Santa Claus, where you will find stores. You can visit Santa Claus for free and use the image with your camera if you want. You also have the opportunity to purchase a professional photo. The cost depends on the package you purchased: $ 8 x $ 10 for $ 25, digital file for $ 25 and decorations for $ 14.

Many stores organize Christmas markets with 100 levels; therefore, if you are curious, you can make small purchases while you are on site. There were a lot of specialty stores in the cities of the local vendors that Urban Craft Uprising set up, so I was really convinced that the quality of the stores was handcrafted, compared to much better-selling products.

We also found one of the most popular PNW resellers (found a few years ago at the Great Junk Hunt) – Caramel Kitchen, based in Couer d’Alene, ID. This is definitely one of your favorite discoveries over the years: this caramel sauce is a delicious filling of fruits, sweets and ice cream. Make lots of rewards and great gift ideas! We save every time we see them because we use them every week!