Promo: Free kids bowling m/feb. -2020

Kids Bowl Free (KBF) is a national program that brings kids to the local bowling alley with two free games every day.
Kids Bowl Free is a great way for families to spend time together and stay active during the summer months.
Have you heard of Kids Bowl Free? This is one of our favorite summer shows and is back this year. Kids Bowl Free offers 2 free bowling games for kids this summer. This program is available for 2 FREE games per day for up to 6 children per family. And are a great way to spend time with the whole family on a day out or in the sun. You need your rainy day.
Kids Bowl Free (details here) start at different times, depending on where you choose. We looked at some sites, some of which started in early April, but most begin on May 1st. I checked out my local Cholin in Puyallup and it looks like the program runs from May 14th to September 4th. But, this changes depending on your location, so check your site when it starts.
Once you start playing free bowling, you will receive FREE bowling tickets every week by email.
How does the free, free kids’ bowling summer program work?
Visit the Kids Free Bowl and sign up for the kids’ program. Even if you order every year, you still need to re-register your children this year. Select the nearest bowling alley, click on it and take it to the registration page. Shoes rentals work depending on location. In Wa, you must pay the most shoe rent. unless you have bowling shoes for your kids (you can visit cheap stores to buy and keep your shoes here). And if you want to make it a bowl, you have to pay for the ticket and the shoes.
Free Family Pass for 4 Family Bowl members:
You also pay a flat rate for up to 4 family members to get 2 FREE skis each summer (so your passport can include teens). It’s definitely good for you if you think you’re going to bowling with kids this summer!
Select your local bowling alley to see all the details of your Free Kids Bowl. .
The KBF program is open to select bowling schools in the United States and Canada.
You can only select one bowl per account, but you can open many accounts.
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